ALERT: New IRB Software Implementation Begins in December


As many of you are already aware, UCF is currently undertaking a multi-year, multi-phased project focused on the University-wide restructuring of research administration business processes and technologies to support UCF’s research enterprise.


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UCF Office of Research Adopts New User-Friendly Limited Submission Opportunities System


Researchers seeking limited submission opportunities will have a new, more user-friendly system in place called InfoReady, effective TODAY (Aug. 27, 2018).


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New Online Video Helps You Prepare for Required IRB Process (8/27/18)


A new short online video is available to student and faculty researchers to help them understand and get through the Institutional Review Board process at UCF.


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The Office of Research and College of Graduate Studies Offers New Fellowships for 2019


The Office of Research and Graduate Studies is seeking 2-3 faculty fellows to recommend ways Research and the College of Graduate Studies can improve their operations.


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New Requirements for Some Biological Related Research


As the new academic year begins, I want to remind you that safety is our utmost priority at UCF and for the department of Environmental Health and Safety that means safety when handling research materials.


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Dr. Liz Klonoff on 5-Day Rule


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UCF has quite a bit of expertise when it comes to studying lunar and asteroid surfaces. So, it is no surprise to find NASA’s Center for Lunar and Asteroid Surface Science (CLASS) smack in the heart of campus. The Center is part of NASA’s Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI), which facilitates NASA’s exploration of deep space by focusing its goals at the intersection of surface science and surface exploration of rocky and atmosphere free bodies such as the moon and asteroids. CLASS’ mission is to encourage leading planetary scientists, geologists, geochemists, dynamicists, engineers, physicists and other researchers from across the world to focus on understanding the formation and evolution of the surfaces of these bodies - so that future exploration missions, whether human or robotic, will be properly equipped to handle any challenges they face. UCF Physics Professor Dan Britt leads the center. Together the researchers work on a variety of projects that are literally out of this world. For more informatioin, click here.



New Sponsored Awards


The Office of Research will begin posting monthly lists of sponsored award recipients.  A big shout-out to all UCF investigators who received sponsored awards in August!  The list includes total expected amount of funding for each listed award.  Congratulations to all!


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