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Limited Submissions Guidelines


Required Format for Limited Submission Internal White Papers

  Do NOT PROCEED with the proposal submission process until you have received email acknowledgment from the ORC that you have been designated as the selected PI for the funding opportunity.



Limited submission funding opportunities occur when a sponsoring agency restricts the number of proposals that can be submitted by an individual university/institution. The Office of Research and Commercialization (ORC) has established the following process for selecting the proposal/s that will be submitted to the agency.

Submissions MUST include:

  • Cover sheet
  • Project description (also known as white paper or proposal abstract) that addresses the sponsor’s review criteria
  • One page preliminary draft budget that reflects the entire total project period (unless not required by the sponsoring agency)
  • One page description of the “broader impacts,” “intellectual merit,” and “transformational aspect” of the proposal (only required for NSF applications).
  • Requests for matching funds and documentation of the approved match, or any exceptions to campus policies must be identified at this stage of the process and included (no page limit). The match may come from start-up funds, external sources, or from the PI’s Department or College. The PI will be required to submit a signed letter from the individual(s) supporting the match. Copies of email correspondence are acceptable.

Required formatting of the cover sheet includes:

Principal Investigator (PI) Name -
PI Title -
PI Email Address -
PI Telephone Number -

List of All Other Participants And Affiliations -
Name of Sponsoring Agency -
Solicitation/Program Title -
White Paper Title -

PI’s College Name -
PI’s Department Name –

PIs must follow the sponsoring agency’s guidelines for formatting in regard to font, size and other formatting requirements when submitting the cover sheet, internal white paper, and full proposal draft to ORC.

To submit your white paper:
Please upload your white paper via the Limited Submissions Portal.
Please contact the ORC if you do not receive acknowledgment of document receipt within two business days.

If you have any questions, or if you need any help regarding this program, please do not hesitate to contact the ORC Limited Submission Coordinator.

Office of Research & Commercialization Contacts:
Limited Submission Coordinator:
Jacqueline Sullivan –, 407-882-2226

Associate VP for Research and Scholarship/Director of Research Development:
Debra Reinhart –, 407-823-2315


Limited Submission Review Process:

Step 1:  Limited submission announcements published by the sponsoring agency will be distributed by ORC in a weekly email, as well as uploaded on the Limited Submissions website.

Step 2:  PIs interested in submitting a white paper will provide a list of suggested reviewers and possible internal and external collaborators, approximately two days before the ORC internal deadline. This will enable ORC to form an unbiased team of reviewers with experience in the white paper research areas. This will also enable ORC to determine if teams could collaborate to submit a stronger, joint proposal.

Step 3:  PIs will submit a white paper to the announcement at the Limited Submissions Portal. ORC will review all white paper and draft budget submissions received by the ORC internal deadline to make sure that all ORC internal guidelines such as budget requirements, match requirements, and maximum page limits have been met. Any white papers received after the internal deadline will not be accepted.

Step 4:  ORC will form an ad-hoc anonymous technical review committee comprised of UCF faculty who have expertise in the Request for Proposal’s subject area as well as experience in grant submission. 

Step 5:  The Vice President for Research or her appointee will review the recommendations of the review committee and make the final decision.

Step 6: An email, along with the review comments from the internal competition, will be sent to all faculty that submitted a white paper. Faculty selected to proceed with submission of a full proposal to the agency will be provided “next step” instructions. Faculty not selected to move forward will be sent alternate funding sources.

Step 7:  To maximize the funding success of the selected white paper, ORC will conduct an internal “red team/peer” review of the full proposal draft. ORC will form a team of experienced UCF faculty reviewers who will provide detailed technical feedback on the selected proposal. The proposal will not be reviewed by the reviewers for financial and other compliance requirements. (This will be done by the ORC pre-award team before submission to the sponsor.) The deadline for submittal of the full proposal draft to ORC for the internal red team review will be approximately two weeks prior to the sponsoring agency’s deadline.

Step 8: Any PI selected to submit a full proposal that cannot complete the proposal, is required to contact the ORC Limited Submission Coordinator immediately, so that ORC can offer this opportunity to another PI.


            **Please note that if the proposal is not submitted to the sponsoring agency via  
                 The Office of Research & Commercialization at UCF, the proposal will be  
                                  considered invalid by the sponsoring agency.**