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Water: The Science Surrounding H2O
Summer 2006
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Table of Contents:

Water, Water Everywhere…
Nearly 75 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. Our own bodies are 70 percent water. So why isn’t there enough to drink?

Stormwater Academy Studies What Many Overlook:
Rain With the need for potable water at critical levels, UCF researchers are taking the lead in studying ways to reuse a commonly overlooked source.

Professor Works to Clean Up Waste
Most folks have the luxury of remaining unaware of the difficulties of safely disposing of solid waste. A UCF engineer is in the forefront of developing cleaner, more efficient methods for dealing with the problem.

FACULTY PROFILE: Fidelia “Ola” Nnadi
A specialist in water resources engineering and environmental hydraulics, Fidelia Nnadi encourages everyone to make a conscious effort to protect and conserve water.

CHAMPS Lab Helps Warn about Water at Its Fiercest
Summer season in Florida is becoming synonymous with hurricane season. A UCF engineer can predict, with unparalleled accuracy, what areas will be hit by a major storm and with how much water.

Local Business Brings Lakes Back to Life
A Winter Park company with ties to UCF has developed a unique process for restoring the natural chemical balance of polluted lakes.

Professor Proposes Sustainable Landscaping for Florida
Floridians need only remember two things when landscaping: shade and rain.

Water Researchers
A sampling of water-related research at the University of Central Florida.

BEYOND THE LAB: Robert Reiss. P.E., Jacqueline Quinn
These UCF graduates are making a significant impact in applying their engineering training to real-world water problems.

Professor James Taylor is the dean of water at UCF. Since 1975, he has conducted water treatment research that has been warded more than $10 million in grants.

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